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Recently I caught up with 2 of my girlfriends over lunch.  Here you have 3 women whose jobs  are all very different, who have different priorities and ideas and who are at very different stages of their lives. One has  completely upended her life and is making a fresh start this year with no  baggage (you go girl!), the other finished over 10 years of intense study late last year (and made the Dean’s list I might add!) and is looking forward to focussing on herself and her creative passions in 2013, and I’m looking to spread my wings in the world of writing, starting with my blog. It’s very exciting stuff and we were all raring to go 10 days in to the New Year. But it made me wonder, how many other tables of girlfriends were there in the restaurant talking about their New Year’s resolutions, and how many of  us will stick with them? How can I make sure that by March my good intentions haven’t fallen prey to the same old commitments and fears that stole my dreams last year?

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It’s all about will power right? That old chestnut. I WILL eat better this year, I WILL go to the gym every day, I WILL look for a job I can be proud of, I WILL learn to play an instrument, I WILL I WILL I WILL… But we’ve all been there, by Valentine’s Day the new meal plan is gathering dust on the bookshelf, the gym enrolment forms are still incomplete on the kitchen bench, we’re still in the same miserable job and we haven’t signed up for that guitar lesson yet bla bla bla!

So how can we make 2013 the year we keep all those well intentioned resolutions?

Here are a few tips:

  1. WRITE IT DOWN. Keep a log of all your resolutions and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day. It won’t just act as a reminder, it will help you get excited about the things you’ve promised yourself this year.
  2. VISUALISE the end result of your resolution. If you have promised to lose 10kgs this year, see yourself at the weight you desire, feel how you will feel the day you get on the scales and you’ve reached your goal. Go out in to the world everyday feeling like you’ve already achieved it, attraction will help make it become a reality.
  3. ENLIST HELP. If you think your goal is too big, ask a close friend for help, or research on line how others have managed to do it before you. So many of us get to a point where we do the old “this is too hard, who did you think you were to believe you could have/do/be that?”. Find someone who has already succeeded and ask for their guidance. If it still feels too big, rethink it and set a goal you’re more comfortable with.
  4. ALLOW YOURSELF TIME TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. Our initial ideas aren’t always the best ones. Let yourself change your resolutions to suit you better without feeling like you’ve failed.
  5. BE ACCOUNTABLE. Set a deadline for when you want things to have happened, or started. Be as specific as you like. Keep a diary of your progress. The only person you let down if you fail, is you.

Imagine if this time next year you had achieved everything you set out to do this year? Focus on that feeling, be proud, be brave, and go get it!

 “Imagine what you would do, if you knew you couldn’t fail”  Simone Milasas – Good Vibes

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