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A girlfriend of mine taught me a new term today, FOMO, have you heard it? It stands for “fear of missing out”.  I thought I’d heard pretty much all the acronyms there were out there (my favourite is one my sister introduced me to, FML, I’m sure you can figure it out) but this one was totally new to me, and it definitely made me think.

Image courtesy of mzuz32 deviantART

Image courtesy of mzuz32 deviantART

I think I suffer from a complete and utter lack of FOMO. While I don’t think we should get ourselves in to situations just because everyone else is doing it, I think everyone needs a little FOMO to get them out in the world, experiencing things maybe they wouldn’t do otherwise.

I find myself at home in front of the TV most Friday and Saturday nights with no desire to get dolled up and join my girlfriends for cocktails at Ivy or dance the night away at Marquee. Part of me feels like I had those nights out in my early twenties, lots of them, and I just can’t be bothered anymore. If I do venture out with the girls on a Friday night I’m the one at the back of the group politely turning down shots and stepping aside so I’m not in the photos, checking my watch every 5 minutes to make sure I don’t miss the last bus home. But then we’ll be out at lunch on Wednesday and everyone is still talking about the amazing night out on the weekend, and I feel the MOR (missing out regrets, I made that one up!). I used to be the first one in the club and the last one on the dance floor at closing time, when did I become satisfied being the boring old married woman?

I started thinking about my FOMO girlfriend. She’s a few years younger than me but has been with her husband for about 7 years and married for nearly 2 (same as me). She’s modest and down to earth, not the life of the party but the girl you want to get stuck talking to if things are on the quiet side.  She’s not the girl to make a grand entrance but once she’s arrived everyone wants to be around her. She’s always at the best restaurants, club openings, premiers and shows. She’s glamorous and fun and every time I talk to her she has plans to attend some other fabulous event!

If this is what FOMO does, I gotta get me some of that!

Is your FOMO getting you out there in the world, or are you stuck at home thinking “FML I always end up with MOR”?

  1. I didn’t know FOMO was an acronym either, and I definitely suffer from it! I can’t stand missing things and have a hard time saying no, especially to new experiences. Maybe that’s why I’m obsessed with goal-setting.

    January 26, 2013
  2. Melissa K #

    Oh, who is this “girl” I need to meet her! ;

    January 25, 2013

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