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the secret

Young EbPeople are often surprised when I tell them about my past and how I grew up (yes that is a caravan in the picture and no we weren’t on holiday), it doesn’t seem to match their idea of the person I am today. We had it tough as kids, not as tough as some but tougher than most people I know. I’ve just spent the weekend in my home town and still, when I run in to people from my past, they are always astonished at how well I’ve done and how I managed to get out of the welfare cycle where I was raised (oh yea of little faith!). I must admit though, even I sometimes catch myself and wonder how I did it and how easy it would have been to end up stuck living  the legacy of my upbringing.

Let me share something with you, my entire life I simply believed I could have whatever it was that I really wanted, I was even arrogant about it. Mum never let us think we didn’t have options, and although there was nothing she could do financially to see us on our way in to the world after we left the nest, she gave us the most precious gifts of all, love, faith and trust. She never let us feel embarrassed about where we lived or what we had, but she made darn sure we didn’t settle for it.

Back in 2006 a good friend introduced me to the now very famous DVD, The Secret. It changed my life forever and whenever people ask me for advice or comment on the things I have been able to achieve in my life, I tell them, it’s all because of knowing how to use The Secret. The Secret wrapped up all the things I was ever taught and believed as a child and delivered it in a nice big bow! Karma, faith, hope, love, attraction, visualisation… It was all there!

Do yourself a favour and get a hold of a copy. Invest 90 minutes of your life in watching it and absorbing the message, if you don’t get it straight away, watch it again. Don’t expect to have everything relate to you, just focus on the things you could change in your life right now to make things better.

Watch the first 20 minutes here…

If you’re still a sceptic after all that, just take a look at the little girl in the photo, she sure isn’t living in a caravan anymore!

I’d love to hear feedback once you’ve watched The Secret (or if you already have). What did it make you change in your life, how did it affect you?

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  1. katharine #

    Isn’t it amazing how different we all are and how different our stories can be. Thanks for sharing this about yourself.

    January 30, 2013

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