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guilty pleasures

magsOne of the guys at work just spotted me in the lift with my weekly handful of gossip magazines and asked if I was across all the Kimye news this week? I had to tell him not to get me started or else we’d probably be standing there for an hour talking about it!

I am a gossip magazine addict. I will also watch E! News on repeat all day and I always tune in to the biography of the week on Bio. What can I say, it’s my guilty pleasure. There’s something about these larger than life famous characters that absolutely fascinates me. I suppose, in a way, I am envious. They have success and wealth, adoration and accolades. These are the basic fundamentals that we all strive to achieve in some way, but they get worldwide recognition for it.

Making today’s gossip news is all things Kardashian. Has Kanye cheated on Kim, is Khloe divorcing Lamar, how did Kourtney lose her baby weight? For some of you this will all be as about as interesting as what your dog ate for breakfast this morning but for those of us who spend our free time devoted to this trivial media, it makes for great reading!

Flicking through the pages of one of my weekly favourites, looking at all the glossy images and made for TV drama headlines, I had to wonder, what is it about our normal day to day lives that drives us to the tabloids? When it comes to getting lost in what Kim Kardashian wore to the gym last week, what am I hoping to escape from?

I’m not inspired by my 9 to 5 job, it’s a good job and I enjoy what I do, but would I rather be writing for a living, working from my home office and keeping my own hours? Heck yes. I have a comfortable life and I don’t have to worry about paying the  bills, but that little girl inside me does still worry about ending up back in the caravan. I have beautiful things, but growing up with nothing materialistic has made owning expensive things mean more to me than most people, and I always want the next best thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed and I am humble. Every day I find something else in my life that I am grateful for but that will never stop me wanting more. Is that wrong? When we get to a point where our friends, family or the world believe we should just be grateful for what we have, should we stop trying to improve our circumstances? Against all our better instincts, is there a point where we should just settle?

Look at the Kardashians. Regardless of how they got where they are and regardless of your personal opinion of what they do, you have to admire their tenacity and the hard work they do to stay front and centre in the media. Watching their show lets me escape for a moment from day to day life and dream about having all that success and all those beautiful things. Would I want to be so famous I can’t walk down the street, no. Do I want to be so successful I never have to worry about working an uninspiring job or ending up back in the trailer park, YES!

 I’d love to hear your feedback about your guilty pleasures and how you think they enrich your life


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