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girl brain

We’ve all been there girls. You meet a nice guy, have a few dates, the texts are going back and forth and it’s all exciting and fun but then suddenly, your girl brain gets involved!

Image courtesy of LOVESCENE Magazine

Image courtesy of LOVESCENE Magazine

One of my girlfriends has recently met a new guy and they’ve had a few really great dates. But all of a sudden his text messages aren’t as warm as before, they’re to the point and factual, like when she asked how are you feeling (because he’s been sick) and he simply said, much better thanks (shock horror!). The most frustrating thing for my friend is that he hasn’t asked her to meet up. “I’m always the one who suggests we meet”, she says, “I’m going to wait until he asks me this time”.

Let the games begin!

You would think we would have learnt by now, women I mean, that most men don’t really play games. If they want to see you, they’ll ask to see you, but just because they haven’t asked doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love for you to suggest meeting up. My advice to my friend, if you want to see him, ask him! Why do we this to ourselves? We could all save so much time and heartbreak if we just put ourselves out there in the beginning, were up front and did the asking. The worst thing he can do is say no, I don’t want to see you. If that’s what he’s thinking anyway, playing games and waiting for his text is just going to prolong the inevitable, wouldn’t you rather know either way? You know you’re just going to give in and text him after a few days of not hearing anything anyway.

“But I don’t want to scare him away, I told him I didn’t want anything serious”. Really? If you met a funny, smart, attractive guy who asked for your number and then he text the very next day without waiting the prescribed 3 day rule, would you mind? There is no such thing as coming on too strong when you really like each other (apart from marriage proposals and suggesting babies names on the second date, pace yourselves ladies).

How long before we realise that in these relationship games, we’re only up against ourselves and we’re losing?

To the men out there, please give us a guy’s opinion!! Play games or go for it?

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