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I got such good feedback from my article The Secret, that I’ve decided to share more about the lessons I’ve learnt and applied to change my life.

what you think about, you bring aboutali quote
Write this on a piece of paper and stick it above your desk at work, on your fridge or beside your bed so you never forget. I think this is the most powerful lesson I can pass on. Mum always taught us, like attracts like. The idea is that what you put out in to the world, you receive back. We’ve all heard about karma and the power of attraction works in the same way. You put out bad energy,  you get bad energy back, you put out good energy, you get good energy back. How many times have you left the house after “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” and your whole day follows suit? Nothing seems to go right for you, you get stuck in traffic, your boss picks at every small mistake in your work, your computer freezes 5 minutes before your important presentation is due and it goes on like that all day. Then there are other days when you leave the house feeling positive and happy and your entire day reflects that feeling, the bus arrives right as you get to the stop and there are plenty of seats, everyone at the office praises the good work you’ve been doing and every task you take on seems to be solved effortlessly. The power of attraction is constantly working throughout your day, whether you believe in it or not.

Now, you can apply that concept to anything in your life. Health, wealth, marriage, friendship, work… Your life’s possibilities are limitless. I know for alot of people this is hard to believe, “sure, like I can have anything I want just by thinking about it”. Well, you need to invest a little more than wishful thinking, but yes! You can.

For a moment, think about the one thing in your life that has been causing you the most stress lately? How does it feel when you think about it? Does it make you feel powerless, hopeless, anxious, scared? Every time you manifest these feelings you are sending frequencies out in to the universe which attract more of those kinds of feelings. Now, think about the situation again but this time, imagine the problem has been solved, that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. How do you feel?  Free, happy, joyful, proud, grateful? How much more positive do you feel after just practising for a moment? Imagine living every day that way.

Try it today. Go out in to the world in a positive state of mind and try not to let anything change that focus. If you stub your toe on your way out the door, take a breath and get back to your calm and positive state. Sometimes it helps to think about something that makes you happy, maybe your family pet or a funny movie you love to watch. Now go out in to the world projecting that feeling. It might take a few days to get the hang of it, give yourself time to retrain your thinking. Find the positive in situations that would normally upset you. If you miss the bus, trust there will be another one shortly and somehow it will get you where you’re going faster and more comfortably. If you lose a $5 note, know that somewhere along the way you will get a discount on an item you need, or someone will give you something that you would normally have to pay for. Know with absolute certainty that the situation in your life causing you the most grief is going to sort itself out, it might not be the outcome you expect, but it will all make sense and you will be better off in the end.

Excitement, joy, gratitude, love… imagine if you could feel that way every day? When you celebrate and embrace the positive feelings in your life, you’ll attract more of those good feelings.

Whatever you’re thinking and feeling today is creating your future. You can start right now to feel happy, to feel healthy, to feel love all around you. The power of attraction will rearrange your life to bring those things to you, all it takes is a shift in your awareness.

Sceptical? Feel free to keep thinking and feeling the way you always have but as Albert Enstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. YOU have to be willing to make a change in the way you’re thinking. What’s the worst that can happen, you spend a few days feeling really positive about your life… What a waste of time.

Be open to the abundance of the universe!

If you’re having trouble making peace with a situation and would like some guidance on how to apply The Secret I’d love to hear from you (even the sceptics!). Send me a message through Facebook or leave your comments here.

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